The Heavenly Calamity Continent is currently ruled by the three powers and have their own headquarters.

The continent has a region near the portal called the Razed Desert which is a vast desert area.

There are three giant cities.

Black Jade City belongs to the Xiahou Family,

Blue Flame City belongs to the Su Family

Scattered Rain City is ruled by the Lin Family.

The Blood Fiend Sect used to be the overlord of the contient as well as the only Silver faction. The Xiahou, Lin, and Su Families were once vassals to the Blood Fiend Sect. After the extermination of the Blood Fiend Sect, the three great Families divided the treasures of Blood Fiend Sect and used them to become Silver Ranked forces. The families allowed the forces from overseas to distribute between them the Blood Fiend Sect’s mines, lands, medicinal fields, ponds, and territories in the Heavenly Calamity Continent.

Black Jade City Edit

It is presently one of the three great cities of the Heavenly Calamity Continent. Black Jade City is situated in Razed Desert and stretches across tens of thousands of miles. It has a population of about thirty million, and it is controlled by the Xiahou Family, one of the nine great Silver rank forces"

Blood Cloud Mountain Range Edit

Located in the eastern area of the continent and was the home of the Blood Fiend Sect. After the destruction of the sect, that area became barren and desolate. It is filled with ruins and remnants of the battle that took place there.

The Blood Cloud Mountain Range was made up of fifteen connected mountains that were each several thousand meters tall. When Blood Fiend Sect had been powerful, grand palaces were built on all fifteen mountain peaks. Many Blood Fiend Sect disciples had lived and cultivated on every mountain.

Of the fifteen, the seventh mountain was at the center of the Blood Cloud Mountain Range and was more than ten thousand meters tall. Numerous clouds circled the halfway point of the mountain and shrouded its peak.

The seventh mountain was where Blood Fiend Sect headquarters had been located. It was also the main mountain where the sect master of Blood Fiend Sect had lived.

The remaining fourteen mountains surrounded the main mountain in a ringlike pattern. Blood Fiend Sect’s elders, enforcers, and disciples would live in the belly of these mountains, and there were even blood pools inside of them that the disciples would soak in to temper their blood.

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